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Welcome to Cardinale Dressurpferde!

The horse is the centre of attention at Cardinale Dressurpferde. Whether it comes to carefully chosen breeding and sound raising, horse-appropriate husbandry or profound and gentle training – the well-being and the satisfaction of the horses are of top priority.

With its one to max. two broodmares and its approx. three to five sales horses and ponies, Cardinale Dressurpferde aims at setting itself consciously apart from other breeding and training farms which act more or less as a kind of transit station only.

The horses and ponies are part of the family, and they are supervised and cared for in regards to health and development with the greatest possible of attention. The promising pony yearling is given the same attention as the already advanced big horse futurity prospect.

The varied-versatile training at Cardinale Dressurpferde is always meant to establish trust and confidence. Only a healthy and satisfied horse that can be easily handled will give everything it has got to its rider – and this exactly is our goal!